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2016 Letter

Happy New Year 2017

As a new year dawns (2017), I want to start a new practice – writing a letter. The letter serves a few different purposes:

  • It is an opportunity for me to wish you and your family the very best for the upcoming year.
  • Pass on some of the insights that I have gained in the previous year.
  • Judge me – how little I have learned in the last year – and spur me on for the new year.

Key insights from 2016

Find your passion: Identifying your passion is the single most important thing a person can do. Some people find it quickly, for others it may take a life-time. For me it took only 20 years! However, once you find your passion, life is a dream. So don’t stop, don’t settle. Even if it takes a lifetime, it is worth it.

Chase your dreams: As kids, we have big dreams. However, as we grow up those dreams are smothered by the realities of life. My experience is that if you hold on to your dreams and work towards them, even providence moves to help fulfill your dreams. In 2016 after many years of dreaming of being a full-time investor, I was able to fulfill my cherished dream. “party to abhi shuru hui hai”

Be different: All of us have our unique talents. Yet working for 20 years in corporate world made me a true conformist – do what others are doing and be very busy with the daily challenges. However, starting my own company has allowed me to create my own rules. One of them is to sit quietly in a room, read, think deeply, and, act occasionally (only when a true bargain opportunity comes). A corollary is to not to post too often in social media – it distracts me from doing deep work.

Be the best version of yourself: If there is one thing we have complete control over, it is what we do when we have free time. Yet we waste it away or worse use it to compare ourselves to others and become envious. A much better use of it would be to learn from the great books, reflect, meditate or have a great time with family. In 2016 I went for Vipassana meditation for the first time and I highly recommend some form of meditation to everybody.

And lastly, take more photos of the whole family (including myself)! In searching for photos, I found very few photos that had the whole family. On that note, Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year.

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