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Rajeev Agrawal

About Us

Rajeev is also the Founder and Managing Member of DoorDarshi Advisors, LLC – General Partner to the fund.

DoorDarshi India Fund has a fantastic audited track record since its inception. . . Before starting DoorDarshi India Fund in 2021, Rajeev had an exceptional track record in his personal portfolio from 2014 to 2020. The personal portfolio was audited by one of the big global accounting firms.

Rajeev follows Value investing principles and has benefited enormously from the teachings of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Rajeev is a regular at Berkshire annual meeting and loves to learn from the masters. Rajeev is also a regular presenter at various investing conferences and many of those presentations can be accessed in Media and Blogs sections of the website.

Before starting his entrepreneurial venture, Rajeev was in the corporate world for two decades. Rajeev retired from S&P Global (then called IHS Markit) in 2016 as a Managing Director. Rajeev has also worked with firms like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan in senior capacities. Rajeev is a B Tech from IIT Bombay and MBA from IIM Calcutta. Rajeev is also a CFA charter holder.


B. Tech, IIT Bombay

MBA, IIM Calcutta

CFA Charter holder

Corporate Journey:


Worked on Wall Street with

Goldman Sachs

Bank of America

JP Morgan

Retired from

S&P Global as a Managing Director

Full-time Investor Since


Fantastic audited track record of personal investments from 2014-2020

Top Ranked Analyst on SumZero

DoorDarshi India Fund Logo

Started DoorDarshi India Fund in April 2021 and it has a fantastic track record

Industry Recognition

Rajeev is a top ranked analyst on SumZero. The top ranking on Sumzero is due to the superlative performance of the stock ideas that Rajeev has shared on SumZero.

Industry Recognition section

Secret to our Success

One of the key ingredients of our success is the high quality of investors that the fund has been able to attract. Since our inception in April 2021, we haven’t had even a single redemption. This shows that the fund and its investors have chosen each other well.

To ensure that we continue to attract the right kind of investors we have laid out our ground rules of DoorDarshi. These ground rules are along similar lines as what Warren Buffett did when he started Buffett Partnerships.

In no sense is any rate of return guaranteed to partners.

We prefer lumpy higher returns to consistent lower returns

We don’t consider volatility as a Risk. Thus, we ignore Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Treynor Ratio and don’t optimize for them.

Whether we do a good job, or a poor job is not to be measured by whether we are plus or minus for the year or whether we have beaten a particular index in a year.

While we prefer a five-year test, we feel three years is an absolute minimum for judging our performance.

We ignore the dogma of Diversification. When we find an investment opportunity that we like and understand, we want to make it a meaningful portion of the portfolio.

We don’t look to actively diversify across sectors. The consequence is that holdings from a particular sector may become a very significant majority of our holdings.

We are not trying to become the largest fund. Rather, we are looking to provide good returns to our investors over the long term. Hence, we only want to welcome investors whose investment approach and investment horizon align with ours.